How Johnny Depp Stole the Show at Cannes 2023 with Jeanne du Barry

Close-up photo of Johnny Depp's face as he arrives at the Cannes Film Festival 2023.
A striking close-up of Johnny Depp capturing the intensity of his gaze upon arrival at Cannes 2023. His magnetic charm is palpable.

Johnny Depp has faced a lot of challenges in the past few years. His career and reputation have suffered from his divorce and legal battles with Amber Heard. But he’s not giving up on acting. In fact, he just made a stunning comeback at Cannes 2023 with his French film Jeanne du Barry. He plays King Louis XV in it. In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything about Johnny Depp’s Cannes comeback. You’ll learn how he impressed the critics and the fans, and what he said about Hollywood.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Jeanne du Barry about?
  2. How did Johnny Depp prepare for his role?
  3. How did Johnny Depp win over the Cannes crowd?
  4. What did Johnny Depp say about Hollywood?
  5. What are the critics saying about Jeanne du Barry?

1. What is Jeanne du Barry about?

Jeanne du Barry is a historical drama by French actress and filmmaker Maïwenn. She also stars as the title character. The film is based on the true story of Jeanne Bécu, a poor girl who became a prostitute and then the last official mistress of King Louis XV of France.

The film explores their relationship, despite their age difference and social status. It also shows the political and social turmoil of France in the 18th century, and the personal struggles of Jeanne, who faces enemies at court.

Jeanne du Barry was the opening film of Cannes 2023, marking Johnny Depp’s first appearance at the event since 2010.

2. How did Johnny Depp prepare for his role in Jeanne du Barry?

Johnny Depp is known for his dedication and transformation for his roles. For Jeanne du Barry, he had to learn French and speak it fluently in the film. He also had to wear costumes and makeup to portray the aging king.

Depp said he was drawn to the role because of his admiration for Maïwenn and her vision for the film. He also said he was fascinated by Louis XV, who was a powerful but lonely ruler.

Depp spent several months in France to prepare for his role. He immersed himself in the culture and the language. He also studied Louis XV’s history and personality, reading books and watching documentaries.

Depp said he wanted to show Louis XV as a human being, not as a stereotype. He said he wanted to show his vulnerability, his humor, his intelligence, and his love for Jeanne.

3. How did Johnny Depp win over the Cannes crowd?

Johnny Depp received a warm welcome from the Cannes crowd when he arrived on the red carpet with Maïwenn and other cast members. He signed autographs, took selfies, and waved to his fans, who cheered him on with signs saying “We love Johnny” and “Viva Johnny”.

Depp also charmed the audience inside the theater with his speech before the screening of Jeanne du Barry. He thanked Maïwenn for giving him the chance to work with her and praised her talent and courage. He also thanked his co-stars and crew members for their support and friendship.

Depp said he was honored and grateful to be at Cannes and to share his film with the world. He said he hoped people would enjoy Jeanne du Barry as much as he did.

The audience gave Depp a standing ovation after his speech and another one after watching Jeanne du Barry. Depp was moved by the applause and wiped away tears from his eyes.

4. What did Johnny Depp say about Hollywood?

Johnny Depp made headlines when he said he had no further need for Hollywood at a press conference at Cannes. He said he felt free from Hollywood’s pressures and expectations and that he preferred working on independent films that gave him more creative freedom.

Depp said he didn’t care about fame or money anymore, but only about expressing himself through his art. He said he loved acting and storytelling, but not Hollywood’s business side.

Depp also said he felt more at home in France than in America, because of its culture and cinema. He said he admired French filmmakers for their originality and honesty, and that he wanted to work more with them.

Depp said he wasn’t planning to retire from acting soon, but that he would only choose projects that inspired him and challenged him.

5. What are the critics saying about Jeanne du Barry?

Movie still of Johnny Depp and Maïwenn Le Besco in French traditional attire from the film "Jeanne du Barry".
Johnny Depp and Maïwenn Le Besco bring history to life in this captivating still from “Jeanne du Barry”, their French traditional attire adding authenticity and charm to their characters.

Jeanne du Barry has received mixed reviews from critics so far. Some praised its production design, its historical accuracy, its chemistry between Depp and Maïwenn, and its bold portrayal of sex and violence in 18th century France.

Others criticized its slow pace, its lack of depth, its melodramatic tone, its uneven performances, and its controversial directorial choices by Maïwenn.

However, most critics agreed that Johnny Depp delivered one of his best performances in years as Louis XV, showing his range and charisma as an actor. They also applauded him for taking a risk with a challenging role in a foreign language film.

Some critics even predicted that Johnny Depp could win an award at Cannes or even an Oscar nomination for his role in Jeanne du Barry.


Johnny Depp’s Cannes comeback has been a remarkable event that has shown his resilience and talent as an actor. He has proven that he can still surprise us with his choices and impress us with his skills.

He has also shown that he is not afraid to speak his mind and follow his heart when it comes to his career and his life.

Whether you’re a fan of Johnny Depp or not, you can’t deny that he has made an impact at Cannes with his French film Jeanne du Barry.

If you want to see Johnny Depp’s Cannes comeback for yourself, you can watch Jeanne du Barry when it hits theaters later this year.

Johnny Depp says no “further need” for Hollywood at Cannes Film Festival

At Cannes Film Festival: Johnny Depp says ‘I have no further need for Hollywood’

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