Kouri Richins: Grief Author Became a Murder Suspect

Kouri Richins - From Author to Central Figure in a Real-life Mystery

Kouri Richins, a Utah woman who wrote a children’s book on grief, is charged with aggravated murder for allegedly poisoning her husband Eric Richins with fentanyl in March 2022.

The police found several communications between Kouri Richins and an acquaintance who supplied her with fentanyl pills. They also discovered that Eric Richins had removed his wife from his will and life insurance and suspected she was trying to poison him.

The couple had arguments over a property that Kouri Richins wanted to flip. She also allegedly tried to change his life insurance policy to make herself the sole beneficiary. She claimed he died “unexpectedly” and published a book on coping with loss. Click here to read the entire blog post about Kouri Richins mytsery.